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Get the most out of your wood wick candle


Wood wick, natural wax candles can be a bit tricky and a little fussy. But they are worth it, I promise! If after trying everything below your still having a hard time, or if any of this doesn't make sense, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Before your initial burn it is very important to trim your wick to 1/8". Your candle will not burn properly if you skip this step. 

Trim your wick before every burn. You can do this a couple of ways. First is to just use your fingers or a tissue to break off the burnt parts. Second is to use wick trimmers or nail clippers work great too.

Trimming your wick before each burn is critical to ensure it burns correctly. 



As with trimming, the first burn is also very important. You want to burn your candle long enough that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the jar. For the 13 oz candles, because they are such large jars, this may take up to 4 hours (or even a little longer). So pour a glass of wine, grab a good book and get cozy!

Try to only burn your candles for about 4 hours max. If you burn too much longer than this, everything gets too hot, becomes dangerous, and your candle will burn through wax faster.

And ALWAYS use your common sense when burning a candle. Never leave it unattended, keep away from children and pets, and burn on a heat resistant surface.

If you are struggling with your candle, or feel that it isn't burning properly, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to help!

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