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Created by Request

Did you miss out on your favourite candle? Or maybe its the dead of winter and your craving some summer smells in your home? Well great news!! I can make just what you need - if you can be a little patient :)

All candles listed in this section are not currently in stock, but I have the supplies to make them. Once your order is placed please allow 2-4 weeks for it to be completed. Why so long?! Because not only do I need time to make it for you, but coconut soy wax takes 2 weeks to cure. Allowing it this time to cure ensures proper burning and best of all- maximum smell power!

Once your order is placed; I will reach out to you to let you know when I will be pouring your candle, and when it will be finished curing. Please ensure you include your contact information at check out, and if you can, please let me know your preferred method of contact in the notes section. 


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